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Large Adjustable Antique-Inspired Sofa/Console Table

Large Adjustable Antique-Inspired Sofa/Console Table

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Our products are handmade- ensuring that every piece is one of a kind. Our company's main focus is to bring a sense of vintage/antique love to every creation. We are able to achieve this by exaggerating imperfections, using custom-mixed stains, and intently focusing on textures and details.

Approximate Measurements:
60.5" L x 16" D (top) x 17" D (legs when extended)
Height can be adjusted between 28"-36" H

Gorgeous solid wood console table. Beautiful, warm, neutral tones and textures that are sure to compliment any space. Adaptable, yet vintage. This table would be a great addition to any living area, entry way, or hallway. The perfect investment piece of furniture. The varying heights allow for this table to be multi-purpose. It can be used as a sofa table, accent table, console table, buffet...the possibilities are endless. Such a great statement piece for those who like to change up their décor often. Has "stains" to suggest age and wear.

*All videos and photos are taken in natural light-please be mindful that colors will appear different in spaces with less natural lighting. Color tones tend to lean warmer or cooler depending on the time of day the photos are taken.

The table is lightly finished with a thin coat of furniture wax. For cleaning purposes, a light/dry dusting is suggested. Coasters are recommended with use. Table is not resistant to moisture or stains.

When adjusting the height, it is important that all screws and wing nuts are securely tightened to ensure the legs do not move. There should be two bolts in each leg at all times.

Shipping times may vary

Dressers, clothing storage units, and other similar top-heavy furniture can tip over and pose a threat of serious injury or death to children if not anchored. For more information on preventing tip-over incidents, please visit

Materials: Solid Pine, oil-based stains, furniture wax

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