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Large Antique Solid Wood 19th Century Tribal Ghee Pot Vessel

Large Antique Solid Wood 19th Century Tribal Ghee Pot Vessel

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Approximate measurements:
18" H
8" Diameter top
11" Dameter base

This solid wood, genuine antique, ghee pot is beautiful. Large in size and has amazing details and texture. This handmade pot was originally intended to store Ghee. The raw wood has a beautiful natural patina and texture. Wear is consistent with age. Has some small dings and cracks throughout, but is still very strong, sturdy, and heavy. As with any antique, care should be taken when handling this item to preserve it's condition. The large size makes for a great statement piece.

*All photos are taken in natural light. Color tones tend to lean warmer or cooler depending on the time of day the photos are taken.

For cleaning purposes, a light/dry dusting is suggested.

Dressers, clothing storage units, and other similar top-heavy furniture can tip over and pose a threat of serious injury or death to children if not anchored. For more information on preventing tip-over incidents, please visit

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