About Us

We are Kurt and Jessica from Spring, Texas. We established Juniper & Bros., LLC in 2019. We have a passion for creating and a love for all things antique. We are fortunate enough to work closely together while designing furniture for other's to enjoy. We are passionate about what we do and every piece we turn out is a true labor of love. Between the two of us we design, build, and add the finishing touches to every piece we sell.

Our products are handmade- ensuring that every piece is one of a kind. Our company's main focus is to bring a sense of vintage/antique love to every creation. We are able to achieve this by exaggerating imperfections, using custom-mixed stains, and intently focusing on textures and details.

We have three wonderful children- Mayson, Tanner, and June; they are the reason behind the name Juniper & Bros. and everything we do. We are thankful and honored to have received such support thus far, as well as the opportunity to create furniture for so many great people.