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Large Vintage Metal Pot/Planter With Great Patina

Large Vintage Metal Pot/Planter With Great Patina

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Approximate measurements:
13.25" diameter (top) x 9.25" H

This large, tarnished, vintage metal pot is one of a kind. It is absolutely beautiful. Bronze/brass color with opalescent hues of blue, purple, and green. The imperfections and age make this piece so special-this is not something that can be replicated. Has amazing details and the patina and character are what make this piece! Such a great item to pass down from generation to generation. I am unsure what kind of metal it is, but it is lighter in weight. Would be beautiful on it's own or as a planter, pot, etc. As with any antique, care should be taken when handling this item.

*All photos are taken in natural light. Color tones tend to lean warmer or cooler depending on the time of day the photos are taken.

For cleaning purposes, a light/dry dusting is suggested.

Dressers, clothing storage units, and other similar top-heavy furniture can tip over and pose a threat of serious injury or death to children if not anchored. For more information on preventing tip-over incidents, please visit

Materials: Solid Pine, oil-based stains, furniture wax

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